I’ve accepted a writing position with DiabeticLifestyle!!

by Cynthia

I made the announcement Friday night to the Facebook community at Diabetes Light and now I make it here for each of you!


It is with GREAT excitement that I share some really wonderful news with you!! (News I found out one week ago & was instructed to wait until today to share – it’s been sooooo hard waiting…). So here it is!!! I have accepted a writing/blogging position with DiabeticLifestyle which is a subsidiary of Vertical Health, an online healthcare publisher. I am part of their new blogging platform released today. I will still be blogging for Diabetes Light and continue posting daily at Diabetes Light’s Facebook page and Twitter– as a matter of fact, both are linked to my new blog over there!

DiabeticLifestyle receives over 3 million visitors per year and 250,000 per month! To be chosen to contribute to this new project where I will be writing weekly is a really big honor & blessing! (I have broken down crying a few times this last week..). It brings me great joy to know my message about living well with diabetes using the gifts of integrative medicine will be reaching so many. Here is a link to my first article. I hope you will check it out! Oh, and I named my new blog over there, “Finding Peace Between the Pokes” because that’s what it’s all about. Yay!!! Thanks for your support! I’m a little nervous about this new project… I’d love any feedback! 🙂
ps. For all you Jonah lovers, he made the first post!!

Read my first article here!! http://www.diabeticlifestyle.com/blogs/finding-peace-between-pokes/how-ive-used-integrative-medicine-live-well-diabetes-1

And here is a link to the press release that was emailed today to nearly 50,000 people! For parents of Type 1’s – one of the new bloggers is a teenager! Other great bloggers too!

FYI: To keep up to date on all of my articles both for Diabetes Light and my new writing/blogging for DiabeticLifestyle, please consider joining our Facebook community and Twitter (@diabeteslight). I write daily on the Diabetes Light Facebook page! Another benefit—I will post a link to every new article I write at DiabeticLifestyle on Diabetes Light’s Facebook and Twitter. Thanks as always for reading.


Blessings & Light,


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Matheus June 27, 2013 - 6:25 am

Congratulations Cynthia! I follow your posts here in Brazil when I can. Always on the run day to day, but God bless your life and your wisdom and knowledge increases every day, always bringing news to its readers. A big hug, Matheus Felipe.


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