Sunflower Seed Butter

by Cynthia

Oh my goodness you guys!!!!!!!! I was so happy last night I could have cried. 26 months ago when I started the autoimmune protocol (AIP) to heal my leaky gut, nuts and seeds were my very last thing to give up because they were my very FAVORITE!!! (Read more about my journey to finding the AIP here).

Well, something I haven’t mentioned on the blog yet is that last summer I received a very serious diagnosis. However, it was my “root cause” as far as my exhaustion and multiple increasing food sensitivities, etc. I began treatment right away which has only ramped up the further I go along.

This is what keeps me so terribly busy each and every day… It can take a few years to heal from this. I won’t be sharing more at this time about what the diagnosis was. But, let me just say, it took all of the wind out of my sails and brought me to my knees to a level of grief and suffering like I’ve never experienced. It has taken everything within me just to cope and try to hold on. The grief is finally coming in waves rather than just being at an overwhelming level every single day.

It is the reason I was not able to participate in Diabetes Awareness Month this past November. This diagnosis, for me, is a million times worse than my Type 1 diabetes has ever been in 30 years! And no, I am not saying Type 1 diabetes is a walk in the park by any means! It is incredibly hard and frustrating and all the other difficult words you could think of. And I’m sitting at a 284 right now…. Ugh! I certainly still don’t like diabetes.

Anyway…… this is the reason why I’m starting to be able to reintroduce foods on the AIP that previously made me very sick and unwell. And….. last night I had sunflower butter!!!!!!!! I pulled out of the freezer one of the plantain waffles I made recently and topped it. It was so delicious. This morning I gave Jaim a big hug after I gave him the good news. He was already in bed sleeping when I had this late night snack after a women’s group I attended.

Very happy and pleased. And I just wanted to share. Don’t quit trying to find your root cause. Don’t give up on feeling well despite the 101 setbacks. It’s always, or at least very often…. one step forward and two steps back. And I celebrate the hell out of these steps forward.

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In Peace and Light,


Joy….. utter joy


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