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by Cynthia

Hello & Welcome! Diabetes Light: My holistic journey to health, is the start of a collection of wisdom I have gained and experiences I have had through exploring holistic health therapies to improve my health and life. I look forward to sharing what I have learned to help you in your journey whether living with diabetes or not. Namaste.

Although I still share daily on the Facebook page for Diabetes Light, a large majority of my writing has transitioned to the freelance writing/blogging I do for Diabetic Lifestyle. Check out my Diabetic Lifestyle articles here!

A little about me: short version

photo (80)I was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes on February 13, 1987. I have been living with this condition 27 years as of February, 2014. I have food allergies and am intolerant to gluten, corn and most nuts. I also live with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis/Hypothyroidism. While Western medicine has kept me alive and I’m extremely thankful for this, Holistic therapies are what give me life. In this blog, I would like to share with you my experiences and hopefully bring a little light to your world! Thanks for stopping by. Please send me a private message anytime at: cynthia.zuber@gmail.com! Please join our community on Facebook at Diabetes Light.

A little about me: longer version

My bachelor’s degree is in Speech Communication with minors in Psychology and Theology. I was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes at the age of eleven on February 13, 1987. Diabetes and I have been living this life together for 27 years already (a joke as in, oh my, did 27 years of living with diabetes really just stumble upon me… already?!?!?!) as of February, 2013. I have food allergies (most likely Celiac – per several M.D.’s) and am intolerant to gluten, corn and most nuts. I also live with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis/Hypothyroidism.

Beyond this, I have experienced other serious health challenges along the way that have been demanding of me physically and emotionally. I was left feeling lost and misunderstood among my peers and many people I cared about in my life. Challenging my very existence, I grasped for whatever answers and help I could find. Fortunately, many Holistic practitioners and treatments were there, simply waiting in the wings. I reached out with open arms to what I found. I continue to experience wellness, healing and renewed faith. Holistic therapies are life changing for me; the way I look, feel and experience life would not be the same without them. I look forward to sharing my personal stories with you here at Diabetes Light; a place you can come to find hope and healing, holistically.

Although I have traveled some very dark places in my life, these experiences have shaped who I have become. I would like to share this quote by Dr. Jerri Nielsen, (woman who self-diagnosed breast cancer & operated on herself while stationed in Antarctica):

“The things that make you strong, and make you feel as though you’ve accomplished something, are not the easy ones; it’s the things you had to work and struggle through. Those are what give us our depth–that make us not just gray and plain and nothing, but give us depth and texture and longing.”

In conclusion, while I’m extremely grateful Western medicine keeps me alive, Holistic therapies are what give me life. Through sharing my experiences on this blog, I hope to bring a little light to your world! Thanks for stopping by! Please help spread the word and join our community on Facebook at Diabetes Light. You are welcome to send me a private message anytime at: diabeteslight@gmail.com!


Blessings, light & love,

Cynthia Zuber

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I am not a medical professional. Anything I share about should not be construed as medical advice. Please consult your medical doctor before making any changes in your treatment plan. While the holistic therapies I share about have helped me a great deal, it is important to thoughtfully consider how implementing new therapies will affect your overall health and medication level needed. Thank you.