Because of diabetes…

by Cynthia

Hello! I am sharing with you today my final two poems that I wrote in honor of Diabetes Art Day. As I have shared in earlier posts this week, I wrote quite unexpectedly five poems for Diabetes Art Day. I have been sharing one every day this week and today I bring you the last two.

I hope you enjoy them! Will I share more poetry in the future? Maybe I’ll carve out some time again and create a space for it. Just me, a piece of white paper off my printer and a mechanical pencil! I will see what kind of magic can happen! Stay tuned… : )

Because of diabetes…

Because of diabetes…

I really enjoy the sunshine
I cry sometimes too
I don’t sweat the small stuff…
And I appreciate every “little” thing x 2!! (times 2)


A tribute to Diabetes Art Day. Because sometimes one poem is not enough…

Diabetes Art Day

Diabetes Art Day


You scare me

I haven’t thought much about you

since I was a child

I am really sorry


I am really enjoying this

and to my surprise

I have so many ideas!


Yes, a big surprise!!

Alright, so if I can write poems — someone who has been devoid of all most art since I was a kid in grade school, anyone can do this. Grab a piece of paper and a pencil and just see what comes out. You might be surprised! As I was!!

To give you an idea of where I am at in the actual “art” department, here is a close-up of my “art” for Diabetes Art Day. Lol. Please don’t laugh too hard! Even though I guess it is pretty funny! It took a lot of courage for me to share my poems with you this week. Thank you for being open and receptive to what I shared. It means a lot to me.

My “artwork” as of 2012. Maybe I should enroll in some art classes??


Diabetes Art Day next year is on February 4th, 2013. Mark your calendars!

Here are links to other poems I have written:

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What D-I-A-B-E-T-E-S means to me (fun with words! – I forgot about this one when I mentioned my other poems in last post)

ps The yellow note cards you see above in the photos were placed to cover up the other poems I wrote. Four of the five poems written were scrunched up on just one page of computer paper.


Blessings, light and love,


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