A Poem for Tuesday: These Moments of Joy

by Cynthia

Inflammation in my body which caused a resistant-to-heal case of plantar fasciitis and severe adrenal fatigue kept me from playing tennis for over 3 summers. Feeling so much better with the autoimmune protocol (AIP) and my continued use of homeopathy and other holistic therapies, I was able to play tonight and wrote this poem when I got home. I am SO grateful for it all — it’s been 8 months now of healing now on AIP and I look forward to continuing to feel better and better and having the energy to do more things I love!

A Poem for Tuesday: These Moments of Joy

We played tennis under the
Purple and peach sky
Such beauty on this
Late summer night

We played as long as we could…
About 50 minutes
Until it was so dark
We could no longer see the ball
And Jaim said he saw a bat
Fly overhead!

Sadly night fell
By 8:00 pm
Fall and a l-o-n-g Minnesota winter
Are just around the corner

Gotta squeeze out
Every last bit of summer
And enjoy the warmth
While you can
Below zero days
Wind chills
Snow and ice
Are straight ahead!

With no more sunlight
To play our game
We packed up
And walked home
Smiles on our faces
And the pup Jonah
By our sides

It was a good night
And felt fabulous
To be on the court again
Only my 2nd time all summer!
I didn’t take a moment
For granted

I love my new tennis skirt
Conveniently holding
Two balls on each side
And my new shoes
For playing tennis?
I was able to move
Effortlessly around the court!

Running fast
To swing at balls
My feet completely healed up
They were feeling great!

And guess what?
With long volleys
And competitive shots
Back and forth
I forgot about the tooth pain
From my dental procedure
Just a bit!

That’s the miracle
Of getting outside
And doing something you love
It allows you to take
Everything else in stride!

The simple things
Are what matter so much
I’ve experienced enough pain
To learn this lesson
Better than most!

So I go to bed
With a thankful heart
Appreciating every moment
And thanking God–
These moments of joy
Sure fill me up!

imageThank you God
Thank you
Feeling better
And more like me–
There’s just nothin’ better!

In Peace & Light,


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