Almost Wordless Wednesday: Happy Halloween!! (from the dog!)

by Cynthia

This photo was taken last year on Halloween. We were just on our way out the door for a walk when I snapped this picture of Jonah in his little Halloween outfit. I was sure Jonah dressed up like this might make someone smile but I think he was just noticed by a guy driving by in his car who smiled at us as he rolled by.

As you can see, he was less than thrilled with the idea of this special outfit. But he was a good sport about it. Unfortunately, this year I wasn’t able to track down the adorable collar and he has long since outgrown that little pumpkin t-shirt. (Jonah says he doesn’t mind!)

Happy Halloween!! Jonah and I both hope you enjoy your day and that your blood sugars are cooperative if you add a few fun treats into your day!


Happy Halloween!! (from the dog!)

Blessings, light and love,


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