Almost Wordless Wednesday: Little diabetes advocate me!

by Cynthia

Just call me little diabetes advocate…

Later last evening after I got some banana custard in the oven, (recipe post coming soon!) I started looking in the storage room through old boxes. I was looking for what I was sure was in there – childhood photos of me. I’ve had a few requests after writing my Random facts about me post to share a picture of my tanned preppy teenage self. That picture is to come another Wednesday!

I went through many old albums to find what I’m sharing with you today. I found a picture of myself from summer of 8th grade at a diabetes camp in Hudson, Wisconsin called Camp Needlepoint — it is a wonderful camp founded and run by the ADA (American Diabetes Association).

Oh, the memories when I saw this picture in an album of photos I’d taken at camp.

I remember it clearly. All of us kids were lined up to have our faces painted. Lollipops, puppies and panda bears. Maybe a heart or a star, right? You can imagine the woman’s amazement when she asked me what I wanted painted on my face and in a matter of fact tone I said,

A syringe!

She asked again as she could not believe what I just shared and thought she was hearing things. I repeated myself.

A syringe! I want a syringe painted on my face!!

Was this so crazy?? I sure didn’t think so! I had been living with diabetes a little over a year at this point and it was clear to me that this was exactly what needed to be painted on my face. No froo-froo girly things – just a picture of what life was really like for me at that young age. She reluctantly and with confusion proceeded to draw the syringe on my face.

I do not remember the details after that point other than I was sure to take off my large spectacles to request this lovely snapshot of me in my cabin with this wonderful syringe adorning my cheek.

I also found a picture of my good friend Lauren with a syringe on her cheek too. I cannot quite remember if she willingly wanted that syringe drawn on her face, but I think I remember that I had to encourage her to do it and join me in the fun!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this blast from the past. More to come in the future!!


Blessings, light and love,


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