A poem for Tuesday: Oh, diabetes!

by Cynthia

Today I bring you the first installment of new poems — fresh off the press! Last week the entire DOC rejoiced in fun and creativity on Diabetes Art Day which was September 24. As some of you already know (but for the rest of you who do not) instead of much art coming out for me, poetry did! As I have never been a poet or used much creativity since I was a child, it was a big surprise for me.

I had a few requests from some of you for more poetry, (thank you by the way, very flattering!) so…

I am pleased to present you with the start of a new series.

A poem for Tuesday!

Now I cannot promise you I’ll have a poem to deliver each week, but when the inspiration strikes, I’ll be sure to share it with you! I also cannot promise you anything special but I appreciate your readership and openness to what I share a great deal.

Last week on Friday before publishing the last two poems I wrote for Diabetes Art Day, I wrote another one. Then another. And on my walk just after that (yes — typing into my iPhone as I walked!) I wrote four more. After not writing more than a poem or two since grade school I was at a loss for where all of this poetry was coming from! I am still not really sure. I guess I have Lee Ann Thill to thank for creating this space to let out some creativity and emotions that were bundled up inside of me. Thanks Lee Ann!

For now, most of the poems are about diabetes — what many of us have in common.

Thanks again for reading! I appreciate your support so very much.

 Oh, diabetes!

Why do you forsake me?
After all I do for you
to keep you leveled and balanced
A high blood sugar
Wasn’t my 3 mile walk enough for you?
My lunch consisting of not only carrots
but cucumbers and cauliflower too
Sometimes I just don’t know what I’ll do
with this diabetes of mine
I guess I’ll keep plugging along
because what other choice do I have
other than to stick along with you!


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Blessings, light and love,


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