Moments like these…

by Cynthia


I truly do not think I will leave my house again. Nope, perfectly content right here. 🙂 Moments like these make my heart overflow with happiness. Thank you dear Juniper and Jonah for your love and companionship. I could not ask for better pets or ones that are as lovable, cuddly and caring as you.

Notice Juniper’s paw on my shoulder? It is still there as I type this. What a sweet kitty.

If you do not currently have a pet, I highly encourage it—especially if living with a challenging chronic health condition like diabetes. Juniper is from the local animal shelter and Jonah is rescued from a rescue organization, Homeward Bound. I support adopting rescue animals 100%. They will give you more love than you know what to do with. And with the difficult days diabetes can throw at us, this is a good problem to have.

Peace & Light,


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