Celebrating Earth Day with Yoga!

by Cynthia

Happy Earth Day! Did you do anything special to honor and celebrate our beautiful Mother Earth? I unfortunately did not spend much time outside today. We are in yet another “winter like” spring day here in Minnesota and are in the middle of another snowstorm, hard to believe as it is April 22! By tomorrow morning this might be the snowiest winter on record in the Twin Cities. Most of us are very ready for spring and may get just that as it is supposed to be 70 degrees by Saturday. Yay!

I attended a special Earth Day yoga class last night at a nature center just a few miles from my house. It was a class as lovely as it sounds and organized by my local yoga studio. The combination of the class being held at a nature center as well as featuring a live drummer convinced me to register and leave the house for a bit on a Sunday evening.

Here is the description from Invisible Bee Yoga’s website:

Yoga starts with the Earth. Our bodies are made from elements of the planet, our blood from its waters, the air we breathe from its atmosphere. We are not separate. When we recognize this deeply with yoga, we see that we are one with the universe and mother earth. Join Ann and drummer Tony Paul to practice a gentle, peaceful yoga class with live drumming. And help raise money for our beautiful local Richfield’s Wood Lake Nature Center.


It was a splendid evening and the views from the room we practiced in were beautiful—I cannot imagine a space much more beautiful to practice yoga for Earth Day. The drumming that accompanied class made it a special and unique evening. I took some pictures for you that I shared below.

One highlight was at the beginning of class when 3 deer appeared directly though the window at the front of the room we were practicing in. They ate some vegetation for a while before running off. I grabbed my phone out of my bag when I first saw them and was able to capture one of the beautiful deer in a picture below – which I note.

It was hard to concentrate as much the rest of class because I was so excited about the possibility of viewing more wildlife in their natural habitat. I did see at least 3 kinds of birds as I peacefully watched out the window from my yoga mat—sneaking peeks between postures.





Look at the beautiful deer in the window behind our yoga teacher Ann! So lovely…

Thank you Ann and Tony Paul for working together to create a special evening to celebrate Earth Day.

Peace & Light,


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