Need a boost in energy too?

by Cynthia


I LOVE this!!! I just learned something SO very positive while at my acupuncture visit—I wish to share with you too! It has been close to 3 months now that I have been under the weather after coming down with the flu/upper respiratory type infection which led into pneumonia and finally last month a car accident on our wedding anniversary the day after my potent antibiotic ended for the pneumonia.

Needless to say, it was WAY to much for my body to handle in such a short time frame and I have been suffering with extreme fatigue and other symptoms too since. Hence the reason I started weekly acupuncture last week to see if it can help bring me back to health.

Feeling as exhausted as I do most days is very hard emotionally. And you know what? It has been hard to think positively with the way I have felt physically. That is why, what my acupuncturist shared today with me I just LOVE! <3

Below is the affirmation she gave me to say whenever it comes to my mind. Because of the body-mind connection, it will assist in my healing—there is research to prove it! I am ready to feel better!! Who is with me? For anyone else that struggles with their energy, (or if you want to get creative and write one that tailors to your health..) repeat after me!


That’s it! I am so excited to see how this works for me and feel the results. I think I am feeling better already but I did just have an awesome acupuncture treatment too! It is my hope that you also experience the positive benefits of this affirmation. Here’s to our health in the new year! 🙂


Blessings of Peace & Light,


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