Keep your chin up. You are nothing short of amazing.

by Cynthia

Sometimes diabetes management itself (blood sugar checks, shots, pump/CGM maintenance, etc) doesn’t feel so bad or like too much. It’s all those related add-ons — co-conditions/diagnoses, longer recovery times, acute illnesses, the lingering effects of diabetes on the body and mind after a low or high, the emotional and financial stresses and the often necessary yet tiring advocacy vs. remaining misunderstood scenarios that can pop up sometimes much too frequently. These things that get tacked on can really drag someone with diabetes down (me included!) and make it hard to keep on going day after day.

This disease requires extreme persistence, motivation and strength. It’s not for sissies. The good news is that the traits so finely developed in us by living with a challenging and grueling condition like diabetes get carried into other parts of our lives. We ourselves and everyone around us benefit.

  1. You are caring and have empathy like no other because of all the pain you have suffered.
  2. You more than likely have massive scar tissue on your heart which hurts, but at the same time makes you stronger.
  3. You understand how quickly life can be taken away so you appreciate every tender moment of life. After all, life is too short to not share the feelings dancing around inside your heart with those around you. The well-worn phrase reminding one to, “Stop and smell the flowers” is something you have down and practice regularly.

Your will and determination to keep fighting every day even when you don’t want to is inspiring! And that smile you carry and share with others despite the worry, sadness and pain you might feel is a beautiful thing. You, are a true warrior! You keep on keeping on when many would give up.

So, keep your chin up. You are nothing short of amazing.


Blessings, light and love,


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