Feeling thankful for my sweetie in this life with D

by Cynthia

Editor’s note: This was written last evening upon returning home from an enjoyable Friday night date with my sweetie.

Arriving at the theater for the play

“Love cures people, both the ones who give it, and the ones who receive it.”                                                                                     -Dr. Kari Menninger

There are some days that one can feel ever so thankful for having a loving and compassionate life partner/spouse. Today is one of those days for me. I realized tonight how thankful I am for my dear husband. Without a second thought, in three ways he made decisions that would allow me to have the best date night possible – keeping my health top priority. We all know how important this is in a life with diabetes.

We had tickets to a theater performance at 8pm. It was a fun show called “The Vampire” on the beautiful Minnesota Centennial Showboat in St. Paul. I had four appointments spread throughout the day today (part of the fun life with D!) leaving no time for exercise. How our time was spent prior to the performance was critical for how our evening would go — how I would feel and if my health would be cooperative.

Beautiful view of the Minnesota Centennial Showboat before we entered for the performance.

My final appointment today at 4:30pm was a massage (with an awesome new person (healer) I am really excited about!) to work on my frozen shoulder. No questions asked he met me at 6pm outside of the building in Minneapolis — instead of having me drive all the way home in rush hour and not have time for the things I am about to mention. I might also add he waited patiently for at least 10-15 minutes until I finished up with my appointment. We then zoomed just a few miles over to the natural foods co-op to pick up some quick and healthy food to go. I had split pea veggie soup. It was not the greatest but healthy and safe with my food allergies. I ate my soup in the car on the way to the performance while Jaim waited to eat his Seitan Stroganoff until we arrived at the Showboat for the performance.

All of these humble and kind actions on his part allowed us to arrive at the play with a 25 minute window before the show started. I was able to get the touch of exercise (a 1.25 mile walk) I needed to feel well, keeping my sugars in a better range while sitting in a theater for a couple hours and until tomorrow when I have time to go to yoga and on a long walk.

Just three simple things…

  • the reduced stress — not having to commute all the way home to meet him during rush hour
  • the quick and healthy meal — with no disagreements being brought up about wishing to eat somewhere else

Both of these allowing me…

  • time for a short walk just before the play started — helping me to feel well and get my chi moving. And I was not fussing over cranky blood sugars. This is always a win! I am sitting at a blood sugar of 126 right now!

Thank you to my honey. For doing your part in making my life with diabetes that much easier. It means everything to me. These actions might seem simple but made all the difference in having an enjoyable evening without any suffering or frustration due to my health.

For those of you with diabetes still waiting to meet your life partner —

Do not settle.

It is possible to meet someone that wants to spend their entire life with you that does not make your diabetes feel like a big deal.

They work with you and your diabetes, helping you to live a happy and healthy life. Your health should never have to be compromised nor should you be made to feel guilty or shameful about what you need to do to stay healthy. Having a life partner that is selfless and kind allows me to feel comfortable, confident and carefree about my diabetes in turn helping me live the life I desire.

If you are in a relationship, how does your partner help you have a fun and healthy life with diabetes?

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”                                                           -Lao Tzu


Inside the Showboat: Fun with Cut-outs!

The beautiful night sky (and moon!) as we walked back to our car after the play.
(View of the Mississippi River).


Blessings, light and love,


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