A Diet Exemption Card: Why You Need One!

by Cynthia

For as long as I can remember and especially the last 6 years living with multiple food intolerances, I bring food with me wherever I go. It can be anything from a full balanced meal to one snack or two (or more!) if it’s a long day away from home. I take my health seriously and do not chance getting hungry or low while away from home. It is not easy to find food that is free of gluten, corn, nuts, refined sugar and dairy in a pinch.

A number of years ago a family physician that worked at my previous endocrinology clinic let me know about a diet exemption card — it allows someone with diabetes to safely bring food with them wherever they go (no restrictions), including the Twins baseball games my husband loves so much! Seldom do I have to pull it out, but tattered and torn and expired since 12/2/09*, it has come in handy a few times to let authorities know there are several important medical reasons I need my healthy food and not the crap sold at concession stands! Of course, if you are enjoying a treat at an event, no judgment at all! I would be partaking once in a while too in nachos, popcorn, ice cream or chicken strips if I could!

*Why do these expire anyway? Makes no sense!

*Why do these expire anyway? Makes no sense!

Another T1 (Thanks Thea!) shared an article this morning of a Type 2 in New York that was escorted out of a movie theater for eating strawberries (link below). Ridiculous! After a google search, I was able to find a new diet exemption card that I was able to print myself (yes, I’ll have to admit, it was an exciting moment for me… lol) – that I’ll have my endocrinologist sign at my next visit. Although this is for the state of Minnesota, I am sharing it here with you to possibly use (I have never had anyone read the fine print on the back of the card) or as an idea to check into if your state may offer this handy and necessary tool to ensure our health and safety as individuals with diabetes and/or food sensitivities/Celiac, etc. I recommend doing a Google search and entering in your state + diet exemption card to see if one is available for your state to guarantee the efficacy of the card for you.

Does anyone else carry one? Have you heard of a diet exemption card before? It means business! Lol. 🙂


In Peace, Light & Health,


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