Finding Peace Between the Pokes

by Cynthia

I write a second blog called “Finding Peace Between the Pokes” for Diabetic Lifestyle, an online healthcare publisher. Please check out my weekly column here!

This is my bio for Finding Peace Between the Pokes:

Hello and welcome to Finding Peace Between the Pokes! My name is Cynthia Zuber and I have lived with Type 1 diabetes since 1987. Although diabetes and the other chronic health conditions I live with can be utmost challenging at times, my mission is to live with both peace and joy despite the sometimes bumpy road that can accompany us. Long, daily long walks with my dog Jonah, yoga, healthy cooking & baking, plenty of restful solitude and quality time with those I love are important pieces of my self-care. Using an integrative medicine approach which combines the best of Western medicine and Eastern & holistic modalities has been life-changing for me in the way I am able to more positively live and feel better in mind, body, and spirit. I started a blog, Diabetes Light: My Holistic Journey to Health, in December 2011 as a way to help others and share some of what I have learned about living well with diabetes as this positive information is not often shared by our doctors and diabetes educators. It’s not always easy but the support of the diabetes online community is incredible and I believe we can do this! Join me here at Finding Peace Between the Pokes and our incredible Facebook community through Diabetes Light where I openly share about my daily journey to inspire others in a real and heart-centered way.